Aca Boot Camp (grades 3-7)

By Clarkston A Cappella (other events)

Tuesday, December 26 2017 4:00 PM 10:00 PM

This event is open to grades 3-7 and will consist of rehearsals on the dates and times listed.  Rehearsals will be with Clarkston A Cappella instructors as well as potential outside instructors.  Participants will also work closely with current Detroit Voice, Synergy, and Encore students who are already involved in the Clarkston A Cappella program.  Students in 2nd grade or higher than 7th grade (through 11th grade) are still eligible to register.  Students before 2nd grade are not recommended.

Dates (to be determined by age of student) may consist of the following:

Wednesday, January 10th - 4:00-7:00pm @CJHS
Thursday, January 11th - 4:00-7:00pm @ CJHS
Friday, January 12th - 4:00-8:00pm @ CJHS
Saturday, January 13th - 11:00am - 2:00pm @ CJHS (REHEARSAL) and 6:00pm-9:00pm @CJHS (PERFORMANCE)

  • Learn to sing pop a cappella in the style of Pentatonix

and other popular groups

  • Work with the Clarkston A Cappella directors and


  • Sing on microphone

  • Learn to beat box (voluntary; all encouraged but not required)

  • Perform for the Clarkston Idol crowd as a group on January 13th evening (this performance encouraged but not required if there is a conflict)

  • For those interested in a cappella and pop performance

The Clarkston A Cappella directors consist of Brian Haverkate (Clarkston music educator and director of the Clarkston A Cappella program), Kyle Harwood (Clarkston A Cappella co-director), and/or Chris Brody (Clarkston A Cappella co-director).  These individuals have an extensive resume that includes performances at the ICCA and ICHSA finals, tracks on BOCA and BOHSA best of collegiate/high school recording compilations, and educational and professional performance experience sure to take your student to the next level and/or introduce them to the wonderful world of pop a cappella singing.

Cost to include t-shirt and instruction.